"Love this program. Innovative and unique, geared toward the ages of all that participate. Different activities every year and they create friendships and gain skills they can use in many aspects of life."

-Andrea G.

"My daughter gained confidence from The ORCHID program. I highly recommend it!"

-Gina H.

"My daughter absolutely loved this program. She is a very shy, reserved kid usually, however the program really allowed for her personality to shine. Each day she came home excited to tell me all about what she learned and how smart Ms. Osha was. We will definitely be back next summer!"

-Jameelah D.

"Wonderful program! For my daughter it was the catalyst for her to go into professional modeling/acting and getting signed with an agent. I highly recommend the program and planned activities for children to explore themselves and to become comfortable with presenting. The skills learned is not only important to children trying to build confidence to be 'in the business' but vital to all children in everyday life."

-Tiye C.

"I started this program in 2013 and I absolutely loved it! The program taught me confidence, self love and how to walk the program properly. Now at 19 years old I have been in over 10 fashion shows and I am very thankful to say I was apart of this program! I highly recommend you sign your children up! This is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on. I promise!"

-Amari H.

"It was epic! We will be in this program every summer if I can help it. So much fun!"

-Latrice L.

"The transformation! Makeup artist on site for today's shoot and even being fitted for our fashion show that's still to come....Wonderful experience! Thank you to everyone involved, especially Osha Cerese for holding true to her vision to empower the youth!"

-Adrienne C.

"Thank you Osha, it's a good experience for these young people. Even though you're not physically here we miss your presence but your staff is doing well."

-Ardeth S.

"WOW! this literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. The program is awesome and my daughter is having the time of her life...Thank you once again."

-Kaurel B.

"I'm so proud of my daughter. I definitely noticed the boost of confidence as well as her teachers so I thank The ORCHID Life and thank you Osha Cerese for the experience."

-Natasha F.

"Omg! I've never been a fan of vegan food until Osha. The food is amazing and she's so sweet and professional. She has a customer for life!!"

-Jeannie C.

"Osha's food is AMAZING!! All her dishes are full of so much flavor and it's healthy for you! Her packaging is cute and comes with yummy sauces! I can't wait to get more!"

-Sonia S.

"I got my food from Osha and I wasn't ready. I was thinking it would just be ok but it was fire! I ate and fell asleep. I recommend you get two plates otherwise you'll be mad at yourself for not getting enough!"

-Marcus G.

"The Cajun Boil was sooo good!!! Can't wait to try again!!"

-Tia J.

"Osha was very professional in the process of taking my order. Food was DELICIOUS!!! You won’t be disappointed. Definitely a repeat customer."

-Tiffany J.

"I got my Oshun Vibrations package in the mail and I'm in love!"

-Dianne M.

"It felt amazing from the moment I reached into the container to rubbing on my own damn self!!! Amazing product!"

-Jaynea M.

"Get your smooth, non-greasy, moisturizing body butter from Oshun Vibrations today! I love it! I love the scent and the oil. "

-Angel M.

"You gave your real experience not just the glorified version. Also you kept it real and didn't judge other lifestyles. I was really good."

-Jeannie C.

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